In Historic Death Valley Junction,
Marta Becket's Legacy Lives On

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An historic location that will satisfy your thirst for authentic desert adventure. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning!

A Brief History

The Amargosa Hotel was originally part of the Pacific Coast Borax Company's civic town center. Built between 1923 and 1925, the rooms were originally used to accommodate visiting investors of the mining company. When mining officially moved from the area in 1928, the Amargosa Hotel was remodeled and opened to the public.

The building was modern for its day and included central cooling and heating and skylights in all the bathrooms and throughout the building. The hotel's dining room included white glove service for guests.

After the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981, Marta Becket painted murals throughout the hotel. The guest dining room is painted in trompe l'oeil style depicting a Spanish courtyard. A guitar rests upon a chair and the dusty remains of Marta's future vision of the town are painted in the lobby. Several of the hotel rooms are adorned with cherubs, peacock feathers and statues. In Room 22, a ballerina dances on a ball while acrobats perform as a special dedication to Red Skelton (a close friend of Marta's) who was a guest in this room on several occasions.

The Hotel Today



Today, the 16-room Amargosa Hotel welcomes travelers year round from all over the world. To ensure guests are able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful desert surrounds (including some of the darkest night skies in all of North America), the rooms do not have TVs or phones.

Although the rooms are understated and simple, guests can expect soft, fluffy towels and crisp bed-linens for a very comfortable night's sleep. We recently purchased new mattresses and our friendly and professional housekeeping staff ensures that your room is clean and ready for you.

Guest amenities available 24 hours in guest dining room:

  • fridge/freezer
  • ice-machine
  • toaster
  • microwave
  • toaster oven
  • filtered coffee
  • hot water
  • tea

Rooms are air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter.

We use BORAX in our washing. It softens the hard water and gives us sparkling white linens!

Planning Your Visit

What to expect in Summer

Outside temperatures during the day are typically 110˚F – 120˚F for four months of the year (June – October). At night, it may get down to 95˚F. The air is dry with relative humidity at 20-30%. August through September is considered monsoon season and thunderstorms can appear suddenly and rain can be torrential. Death Valley Junction is on a high water table. Ground water is at approximately 9 feet making the area prone to flooding. We are also the lowest point in the area so water heads in this direction from the surrounding mountains.

Insects, arachnids and reptiles abound during the hot months inside and outside. Do not leave clothing on the floor as this can be the perfect hiding place for scorpions and spiders. Lean shoes up against the wall and shake shoes out before putting on. Do not provoke any animals you see. They will not harm you unless provoked.

What to expect in Winter

Outside temperatures during the day range from 60˚F – 80˚F from November through March. Night temperatures can get to below freezing and the air is extremely dry with humidity at 10% or less. Winter rains are common but depend on the year’s rainfall (weather is so changeable that predicting this can be difficult).

When's the best time to visit?

Comfortable temperatures usually occur from November through April.

RV and Tent Camping at Death Valley Junction

Amargosa Campground is located across the street from the Amargosa Hotel and has satellite toilets. RV and tent camping is allowed overnight for a maximum of 2 nights. It is dry camping (no water, electric or sewer hook up). Pets are allowed but must be leashed at all times. Please clean up after your pet.

Check-in at the Amargosa Hotel front desk upon arrival for a permit and details. There is a suggested donation of $8/night.

Thank you for visiting! We look forward to hosting your next desert adventure!

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